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Leah Rinaldi

Leah is a gourmet raw food chef living in Brooklyn, New York. She loves to create gourmet and extravagant dishes, but has a knack and a knowledge for easy and accessible everyday meals. Her culinary journey began while on a 2 year adventure around the world. Ultimately settling in Bali, Indonesia, Leah immersed herself in the creative and vibrant expat community where she was introduced to raw food. She spent almost 3 years there teaching raw food classes, running raw food retreats and cheffing weekly dinner parties. In the winter of 2009 she apprenticed at Saf, London's number one vegetarian restaurant, and is currently a pastry cook at Manhattan's Pure Food and Wine.

Leah is available for small scale catering, personal cheffing, and food preparation lessons and consultations. Leah can work with you to design a menu that suits your needs and tastes and will take you through the process from beginning to end. This includes sourcing ingredients at local grocery stores and/or farmers markets, making the food, and plating the food so that it is ready to be served and enjoyed. Leah also makes specialty raw vegan cakes for all occasions which are available to order.

For more information or specific inquiries please use the Contact Leah link on the side bar and check her blog for events.

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Pure Food and Wine www.rawfoodbali.com

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